Q        How long is the course?

A        The course is 6 hours long and is given in one or 2 classroom            settings.  When the class is done in one session, it includes a 30            minute lunch break bringing the total time for the class to 6.5            hours. 

Frequently asked Questions

Q        What if more than one person named on my policy completes the PIRP            course?

A        The insurance premium reduction applies to all motor vehicles
           principally operated by the motorist who completes the course. 

Q        Will youthful operators and drivers participating in assigned risk
           pool receive the insurance premium discount?


A.       Yes. Any insured driver who is the principal operator and completes
 a PIRP course will receive the discount.


Q.       If a youthful operator is already receiving a drivers education
 discount, will the PIRP discount also apply?


A.       Check with your insurance company or agent to find out if both
 discounts will be given at the same time.

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Q        After completing the PIRP course, how and where do I

           receive the insurance discount?

The course sponsor, (NTSI) will send you a completion certificate in

           approximately 45 days after your completion of the course.  As long

           as you present your certificate to the insurance company within a few

           weeks of receiving it, your liability, collision and no fault discount will be

           retroactive to the date you completed the course, and go into

           effect immediately